Thursday, September 28, 2017

Colon Cancer!! Family video tribute to our loved husband and father

You know, we haven't posted in a long long while.  Life gets busy, kids get older, and everything seems to fly by at a rapid pace, until DEATH hits you in the face.  Our sweet husband, and dad was just diagnosed with terminal colon cancer.  He doesn't have more than weeks to hold his kiddos close and enjoy every last minute with the ones he loves.  Please cherish life.  Cherish your health.  Cherish those little moments we ignore almost every day because we're too busy to see life as the gift it is.  You can't take the pain out of death, without taking the love out of life.  Commit to love.  For as it says in my favorite movie and musical:  "to love another person is to see the face of God." -Les Miserables.

I love to sing.  Like seriously, love it!! Because it fills my soul with joy.  Well about a year ago, Forrest encouraged me to record some songs.  We chose this one because it was a favorite of ours.  Who knew it'd be so applicable a year later as the lyrics fit perfectly to how sweet life has been with my sweetheart.  Please watch our video tribute to a great man who will truly be missed.  We will love you forever, Forrest.  I'll be seeing you....
Cinematographer:  Klea Olson Films
P.S.  You also may have noticed that Bella got married.  She's a brand-spanken-new newlywed too!  They met at college in her sign language classes.  He was the teacher; and he is deaf.  We'd better blog again to tell you that story :) 

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