Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Re-fashion your old sweater into cute winter wear

Time: 40 minutes with lace and buttons. 20 minutes without
Supplies:  sweater, pins, scissors, sewing machine, thread, (embellishments optional)
Skill level:  easy
Happy Thanksgiving
This is my favorite holiday (okay, maybe Christmas; it's hard to say).

I just love getting together with family and having nothing more pressing to do than talk, play, and EAT.  

Our family has gotten so large--18 adults (I have 7 siblings; and they're all married) and 34 grandkids--that it's become quit the bash.  And it's not just a meal.  It's an all-day event (none of this leaving early to start Black Friday at 6pm on THANKSGIVING!). 

After a traditional turkey dinner with all the fixings, we usually meander to different rooms for different activities:  games, movies, sports, crafts, karaoke.  
Sound familiar to anyone?
Or are we the only ones who marathon party this way?  

If you are like us.
And need a craft idea for when the party breaks up.
Try this:

Everyone has an old sweater that could use recycling.  Or if you need gift ideas for Christmas on a budget, this one is--FREE and quite fun to make!  Even for beginners.

Have a wonderful holiday.


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