Sunday, October 19, 2014

35 Halloween menu ideas

Are you ready for Halloween?
These should get you motivated!

You can find all the recipes here.
But most of them should be easy to figure out by sight:
limeade with ping-pong-ball eyeballs
brownies al a (ghost) mode
pumpkin rice crispie treats
breadstick fingers
bean dip graveyard
cheesy marinara faced bread
pork and beans with jack o' lantern weenies
Frankenstein's feet meatloaf
blood-spattered cookies
spidered french onion soup
jack o' lantern cheeseburgers
deviled-egg avocado eyeballs
veggie skeleton
bacon-smothered zombie meatloaf
mummy dogs
banana ghosts & clementine pumpkins
grave-opening cupcakes
jack o' lantern spuing pasta
blood-red velvet cake
hot cider with bobbing apple heads
cheesy-baked meatloaf hand
spider breadstick with sauce-bowled thorax
hot dog fingers
bloody mummy calzones
chocolate dipped strawberry monsters
jello-pupiled oreo eyeballs
jack o' lantern quesadillas and cheese soup
apple, peanut butter, and marshmallow dentures
chocolate-dipped banana pop ghosts
chocolate-dipped jack o' lantern pretzels
strawberry & cream cheese spider's web
ghost peeps in the pudding graveyard
I hope your Halloween celebrating will be as fun as ours will.
Or as crazy--I haven't tried to make any of these yet.
But they do look fun!


  1. I am loving all these fun ideas!!! We're doing the pumpkin throwing up pasta and spider breadstick bowls for sure. Thanks :)

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