Sunday, September 28, 2014

How to make Floral Headband Wreath Crowns

Time:  25 minutes
Supplies:  green floral wire, random floral stems, bendable twig-looking branch (watch & see what I mean. Mine was $1),          wire cutters
Skill level:  medium

I had so much fun making these wreaths.
This time of year is when I always shoot the kids' fall photos.  
But this year, I just couldn't figure out what they should wear.
(You know--how they have to match and everything since they're hanging together on the wall.)

And I have been loving the photo shoots I see, where the girls are just in simple white with these adorable floral wreath headband crowns.

A simple trip to the craft store ($15 later) and we had everything we needed.  I made Lanie's and Bella made her own.  
Give them a try.


  1. I love these headbands but have been intimidated about making one. Thanks for the video. I'm stoked!

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