Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fast & Easy Fishtail Top Knot Bun

Time:  3 minutes
Supplies:  brush, elastic, bobby pins
Skill level:  easy

I am loving this summer weather!
And the break from school. 
(Although I'm taking a summer nursing class that's filling up my days. It's okay. It's almost over. And then I'll get paid to do all the dirty jobs I've done while training...we can talk about those later).

Anyway, back to the summer weather...
I just got home from ice-blocking with friends. And it was--well--that's what we'd planned to do. 
(You know, you buy big blocks of ice and ride on them down a steep hill. It's summer's version of sledding. My siblings were so jealous).
I dressed in my comfy overalls, packed a towel for padding, and off we went. But we couldn't find blocks of ice at the store. 
What kind of a society only uses crushed ice?
we ended up penny boarding instead.
(it's like a miniature skateboard).

It was super fun. But I was terrible! And everyone else was really good! My board kept sliding out from underneath me; or I'd push too hard and it would fly way back behind me.

When I got home with my soaked towel everyone asked me how the ice-blocking had gone. I hated to burst their bubble. Because the dripping towel in my hand just screamed "fun". Sadly, I'd only used it to mop up the water I'd spilled on the drive home.

Ahhh, good times.