Thursday, July 3, 2014

Don't forget to blow the flowers

Amidst all the chaos in your summer, the girls of Locks and Locks
of Hairstyles want you to stop and smell the flowers.  
Find a firework and light it up; 
get a blanket and cuddle up. 

My dad wrote a poem for you all about his childhood summers.  Picture a scraggly blond kid on a shabby bicycle, Sandlot-style baseball on his inner-city street, a few days with only popsicles for food, and you've nailed his childhood.

Blazing hot pavement, 
barefoot baseball in the street.
Newspaper route, 
candy from the Five and Dime.
Popsicle fingers stuck together,
Hide and seek playing.
 The locals watching from the hoods of their Monte Carlo's with a drink in hand and Mariachi on the radio.
My childhood innocence racing away.

I know it doesn't rhyme.  But he's one of those artsy-types with a Literature degree, who says poems don't have to.
~~ Here's to those hot summer days.  ~~


  1. Did you dye your hair at home? Looks good :)

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