Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quick & Easy Bandana Bun

Time:  2 minutes
Supplies:  bandana or fabric strip approximately 2" x 30", brush, bobby pins
Skill level:  easy

Two important topics today for me to tell you about...

FIRST:  I hope you love this fun bandana summer do.  It's my go-to style when I don't feel like styling.  
Get yourself a bandana, or sew a tube of fabric like mine.  
I cut a fabric strip at  4 1/4" x 31 1/2", folded it over  inside out and sewed it together.  
Turn it right side out and finish the edges.  And don't forget a stiff iron.
And you're 1/2 done (watch the video for the rest).

SECOND:  Many of you know I work with kids with disabilities. 
 I help them at school, I coach the Special Olympics Track team, and it's also what I do for my job. 
So you can assume it's near and dear to my heart.

A few years ago, there was a campaign started called: 
"Spread the Word to End the Word." 
The word is "Retarded." 
And I cringe whenever I hear someone use it, because it's so degrading and rude.  People are just people, no matter what.  And everyone deserves respect. 
Every time I wear my shirt, people ask me about it (which is the point).  But it's got me thinking to ask you all to think about those people you see, and come in contact with, all the time who may have disabilities.  See all the good they can do.  And take the vow today, to Spread the Word to End the Word.


  1. Wow! You're doing a great job..............!!!!!!!! Hats off for you Bella. :)

  2. Love your blog and now love your work. You've inspired me to focus on giving back to the community.

  3. You're incredible, Bella.

  4. Bella you are really great. only few people serve the community when they are independent whereas many run after fun n entertainment. U r an inspiration.
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  6. How fantastic about your job! My brother was born last April, and has Downs. So much I have learned in this past year! I love the positive environment/attitudes/outlooks people with DS possess! They have such an infectious spirit! :) This past week, my 2 sisters and I volunteered at camp I Can Bike, hosted locally. WOW, what an opportunity!

    Keep up the good work!

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