Thursday, June 26, 2014

Great updo hairstyle for short/fine hair

Time:  15 minutes
Supplies:  brush, 3 small elastics, bobby pins
Skill level:  easy

So you  may have noticed (if you've watched my video below)
that my hair is brown!  And a lot shorter!
Before you get all crazy and tell me how different, weird, strange, etc. it looks, just remember (like I keep telling myself)'s a work in progress.

Remember when I told you I had Alopecia areata
(my hair was falling out from a number of reasons.  I'm still blaming irony.)

Well I've been trying to nurse it along with protein shampoo, every natural treatment in the kitchen, more protein in my diet, biotin, (unfortunately I still have hard water).  And my hair's getting better!  But sooooooo slowly.

So I just cut off a good 5 inches to help it appear thicker than it really is.  And although I LOVE blond hair, (my real shade is the dreaded dirty-dishwater-blond that always looks blah without some highlights) I thought I'd go darker and warmer than my natural color, and later weave some blond back in.  Since dying your hair every few months isn't good for it, hopefully this way I can go to twice a year.  

I bought a mannequin head as my stand-in to style the long do's on.  And when you see her on the blog, remind yourself--it's a work in progress.


  1. Bella, I think that you look really cute with your new hairstyle and color. It won't be long before it will be looking super fantastic again. Hang in there! :)

  2. Really a great updo Hairstyles, Thanks for Sharing!

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