Sunday, May 11, 2014

Prom results....

You guys are the greatest!
Thanks for all your advice on my prom dress and hairstyle.
Because of you, here's how it turned out.

I was going for something similar to Dress #2.  So I went to the fabric store searching for sea-foam green.  But I couldn't find it.
(I was so bummed!)

But then I found this peach and I fell in love.  It was ruched and covered in silver sequence.  Who doesn't love sequence?  We accentuated the color with a bright tangerine waist under silver beading and I loved the result.
Kudos to my fabulous mom for her awesome sewing skills.  And to all my great readers who helped me choose.

I went with Hairstyle #3, and on the right side threw in two pin curls to dress up the look.
I hope you like it.
P.S. in case you were wondering about my date:  I was pampered and dined like a princess.  And had a great time!


  1. Stunning Bella. Make mine too. LOL!

  2. So precious, love the hairstyle and dress, great job!

  3. I love the peach color! so pretty!you look beautiful Bella!

  4. Ooh, I love the dress and the hair! The updo is so elegant and the color looks great on you.