Friday, March 28, 2014

Dutch French Braid: Puffed & Tucked

Time:  10 minutes
Supplies:  brush, elastic, bobby pins
Skill level:  medium

Remember my dilemma about trying out for cheerleader or
starting classes in my nursing degree this summer?

Well, I gave it a ton of thought (and listened to your advice) 
and I didn't tryout.  
The tryouts were this week and I've got to say, "I'm kind of sad I didn't go for it, but glad at the same time."  It was going to prevent me from running track and taking the CNA training I'm passionate about doing.  
And something great came along in it's place...

I am now the Special Olympics coach.  Can I tell you how cute it is to see kids out on the track with walkers or barely able to walk and I'm right there coaching them on.  
I love it!

So maybe that's a better fit for me right now.  And maybe I'll consider trying out for cheer next year.  You never know what your future will bring.

But if you keep tuning in to our blog, I can guarantee it will bring you great hairstyles.  Like this fun dutch braid I did on my cousin.
Have a great day.