Friday, December 20, 2013

Updo Twisted Side Bun Hairstyle

Time:  8 Minutes
Supplies:  brush/comb, bobby pins, 1 elastic
Skill level:  easy

When I was just starting junior high,
(and not so good at doing hair) my friend would always ask me how many bobby pins I was wearing.  She knew I used a ton, 
(because you could see them all over in my hair).  
So it was always the topic of conversation:

"Bella, how many bobby pins did you use today?"
"Not too many." (But realistically a whole package.)

Then she'd help me re-arrange them so they didn't show (and always take out like 30 unnecessary ones).

This hairstyle looks a lot better now then it did back then, covered in bobby pins.  If you're a bobby pin addict (like I was), just keep checking in the mirror to see if they're hidden while you're styling. And you need a lot less than you think.


  1. I know, you really *only* need a few, for most hairstyles! I can do my hair even when I only have 1-2 bobby pins. Funny, my friend used to ask me same thing! :)

  2. Can you have a post that tells all the hair products you use, such as wax, texture, pomade (as I've heard you mention in your videos) and the brands, and if possible the costs. And what type of combs, brushes, and stuff etc. And where you get it. Thanks! I've always wondered! Thanks so much! ��:-) --Brooklyn

  3. Awesome and an easy tutorial. Really like how you have described everything also in a video.

  4. I love updo’s. They are a great way to style hair on special occasions especially in summer time when you don’t want your hair down. Thanks for posting.