Friday, December 13, 2013

Inflated Knotted Bun

Time: 15 minutes
Supplies:  brush/comb, elastic, bobby pins, necklace (optional)
Skill level:  medium

I tried to bring this post to you yesterday, but yesterday...
was insane from start to finish!

I'd stayed up most the night prior with a fevered child, so I was already bleary-eyed when the day started.  But no time to sleep in, I had to drive the kids to school 
(yes they could've taken the bus) 
but my son plays the string bass and had brought 
it home to practice. 
(not the guitar-looking thingy, the--too big to fit in the car, not allowed on the school bus, 
GIANT violin--string bass).  
So with a lot of effort, we load up.  And Bella
(in an effort to save time)
bought this new fandangled shake-making container.  It's full of milk, yogurt, fruit.  She's shaking it up to blend it, and you guessed it.  The lid pops off and pink strawberry goo coats herself, the door, the dash, the seat, and the floor.  She's trying to clean it up; it's -10 degrees outside.  We finally make it to school and back.  But the younger ones are sick, so they stay home and build a fort.  

I had cut out some 2 foot wooden Christmas decorations for the kids to paint, so the kitchen table was draped in drop cloths, paint, and wood; the living room is covered in no less than 8 chairs and barstools, 10 blankets, Nerf darts, booby traps.  And I've got to make a ton of desserts for a work function that night (two hours away).  So I ask Lanie to help me stir the candied nuts while I'm quadruple-tasking and they get burned--twice!
I'm washing strawberry goo from the car, filming this hairstyle on her, getting ready for the work thing, and their piano teacher offers to come to my house and teach them 
(which is so nice, but did I mention, the status of the kitchen and the living room)!  

I'm wildly tearing down forts, hiding dishes in piles in the dishwasher, cooking, wrapping treat plates, chucking burned nuts, searching for new ones, filming hairstyles, trying to curl my own and fix up, because I have to leave, and Bella's got to tend.  But a truck runs into her bus on the way home from school.  They're not allowed to leave the scene, piano's lessons are rolling.  There's no time to upload my camera and send a video to YouTube, there's no time for me to finish my make-up; 
I just had to go.  

So I grabbed my make-up bag, and treat plates and ran out the door.  The car smelled fruity, but was dry.  I made the two hour drive, picked up my husband, and got ready to finish fixing up.  
But my make-up bag was at home in the garage.  It's a wonder I'd remembered to wear pants.  I ransacked my purse and found some lip gloss and a dull eyeliner pencil. I hacked at it with a pair of fingernail clippers, trying to sharpen it enough to put on, then used the lipgloss for mascara.  
(It's thick and shiny; I thought it would coat my eyelashes a little and make it look like I had mascara on.)  
It didn't, but my eyes were stinging all night from the lipgloss that kept slipping into my eyeballs.

Today's better:  no shakes, no forts, no treat plates, no painting.  Just two quiet kids on the couch, and a great book I can't 
wait to get back to 
(after I attack hours of dishes).
It's a good thing most of my Christmas shopping is done.  It leaves me time for the important things, like--putting an extra tube of mascara in my purse.


  1. Ha ha. Life gets so crazy. Thanks for sharing. I often wonder what your day to day is like.

  2. Ahahahahaha! Aren't you happy all of us find this to be so amusing? LOL
    I can completely sympathize with you! I don't remember a crazier/busier holiday season!
    At least we all have great hairstyles to hold us together :)
    Thanks, I love this hairstyle! Although my hair is really, really, I'm not so sure
    if it will work, but hey, I can always do it on my little sister!

  3. Thanks for sharing!Very cute hairstyle, I believe many people will like it!