Thursday, December 26, 2013

Double Waterfall Rolled Braid Hairstyle

Time:  13 minutes
Supplies:  brush/comb, bobby pins
Skill level:  medium+

I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday,
and that today you are
spending time recreating 
with friends and family.
(Or back at work for a lot of you, I'm sure.)

I remember working retail around the holidays, and you never got a break from shoppers either before, or after Christmas.  I also worked in the hotel business during college, and you can't have Christmas off there, either.

Which is why I'm so grateful to be home with the kiddos today.  We're hanging out in pajamas, enjoying the Fashion Plates Lanie got, the sleds the family got, and the giant (I mean 8 ft tall by 8 ft wide) marble race track I built out of pvc pipe and wood 
for the boys (but everyone's playing with it).

If you've got the day off, enjoy it!
If you have to go out, here's the perfect 
hairstyle for any activity.


  1. I love fashion plates. Is it those cute little plastic outfits with the etching crayon? I had those as a kid. Love the hairstyle. ~Beth

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  3. This is such a pretty hair! Always been a fan of braids and this one is so easy and natural looking :)

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