Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Quick & Easy Bohemian Headband Twist Hairstyle

Time:  3 minutes
Supplies:  stretchy headband, brush/comb
Skill level:  easy

I couldn't do this hairstyle for the last few weeks because
it hurt my head too much.
If you've read my bio, you know I want to be stunt double.  But I'm still getting over a concussion I gave myself three weeks ago when I missed my back handspring and fell on my head.  
My mom hasn't ever put me in gymnastics because she thinks I'm a bit accident prone (go figure).  
So I work on the tricks myself with a cheer coach.

My mom has a saying every time she sees me come close to missing a stunt: "Bella, stop it!  
Those tricks are neck-snapping ridiculousness. 
(I was starting to see how right she was when the doctor was putting me in a neck brace 
until he could determine if I'd broken my neck.)
My neck's fine, but the concussion had me stupid for twelve days and a headache that could've split my head open.

Except for my occasional twinge of headache, I'm back 
to normal and ready to do this 
favorite style of mine when I'm in a huge hurry.  Don't wait until you've hurt yourself to try this super easy and cute hairstyle. 
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  1. I'm sorry about your concussion. Thats terrible. I'm no good at gymnastics so maybe I'm lucky.

  2. You know the saying "Mom is always right"? Well maybe, in this case, she is. You are really lucky that it was only a concussion. I know people who have gotten permanently hurt doing this stuff. Please be careful if you keep doing it. ~Jennifer

  3. I did gymnastics growing up and broke both wrists and my ankle and cracked open my head. But I wouldn't trade the fun for anything. It was great excersise and tons of fun. And I LOVE the hairstyle.

  4. I'ts really preaty as well. Ali

    1. I think I spelled preaty wrong.

  5. its pretty ** got you're back

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