Sunday, November 24, 2013

3 Minute Hairstyle Quick & Easy

Time:  3 minutes
Supplies:  brush/comb, elastic, hairspray (optional)
Skill level:  easy

I mentioned on a previous post that half my hair
had fallen 
out this year for some unknown reason.  
I thought it was alopecia, because a few of my cousins have had it.  Some of you suggested it was from heat on my hair.  But it wasn't breaking off and falling out; it was falling from the root! 

And I hadn't changed the amount of heat I use, 
And I try not to use heat on it more than twice a week.  
And I'm not ready to go bald!

So I went to the dermatologist.  
He said alopecia is just a broad term for hair loss.  
And I've definitely lost a lot of mine.
And it's not from heat or over-styling.

Take a look over my list.  You may not have #1, but the rest probably apply to a lot of us.

1.  Family component
2.  Change of climate (we moved where it's COLD)
3.  Stress (moving)
4.  Not enough protein in my diet (I LOVE bread)
5.  Not enough healthy oils in my diet (like olive oil and nuts)
6.  Super hard water
7.  Slightly anemic (not enough meat in my diet)

If you guys want to have beautiful, thick, luscious 
hair try applying these ideas to yourself:  
**Eat plenty of lean meats, healthy oils and nuts; 
**If your water's hard, get one of those pitchers that filters 
water and filter just enough to wash your hair; 
**Try not to stress.  
And hopefully we'll all have thick luscious hair.  
Thanks for being such an awesome audience.  I LOVE all your feedback (maybe even more than I love bread)!
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  1. i'm glad you found out about your hair. It's too pretty to fall out. Cheers to your meat and nut eating. I'm going to look into buying one of those water filters for myself. Thanks for the info.~Cherice

  2. Thanks for the info! I have hard water and I need to get filters also :)

  3. so sorry about your beautiful hair, Bella. But it was sure nice of you to share. I'm going to eat more protein and nuts. I've been washing my hair with filtered water for the last year and it's made a HUGE difference. It's softer and shinier and feels so much healthier. :)

  4. All the above hair style are truly awesome. I just try to do this at my home as soon as possible. Sometime I use hair extensions to change my hair style it's help me to make me gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your above article.