Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to Get Big Barrel Curls

Time:  15-20 minutes
Supplies:  brush/comb, 1" curling iron or wand, hairspray
Difficulty:  medium

I get asked all the time how I curled my hair like this.  
But I took
the picture two years ago, 
and I didn't happen to film it that day.  
So I just did.  And ever since I compared the my hair now to this picture, it's confirmed it.

You may watch the video and ask yourself the same question I asked myself, "Bella, what happened to your hair?  You used to have twice as much."

And the answer is, "I don't know. I think I'm slowly going bald."
(And don't say it's from over-styling.  I haven't changed anything, and yet, I only have half the hair I did six months ago.)

Isn't that terrible irony--you start a hair blog, 
and your hair falls out.

I have a handful of cousins who've had alopecia areata (where their hair got thinner and thinner until they were almost bald) and I'm worrying it's my turn.  Any suggestions?  

If you see me styling on a mannequin head soon, you'll know why. Maybe I'll only lose the half I've lost, but it doesn't seem to be coming back in yet.  Have any of you had this?  Do you know a remedy?  I'd be glad to know one.  (Really glad.)


  1. I know your gonna hate me for this...but I would defiantly recommend NOT USING HEAT ON YOUR HAIR! It will thicken almost immediately, plus if rub coconut oil on your scalp each night, that should help. Like I said. NO HEAT is the trick ;D

  2. If it's falling out from alopecia, heat on your hair won't do anything. My daughter's hair fell almost all the way out and then slowly grew back. But it did come back thicker. Go see a dermatologist. Good luck.--Cindy

  3. I think I agree with the no heat idea. Alopecia is just the sophisticated way of saying "going bald" Which I highly doubt is the case with Bella. Alopecia is caused by taking certain drugs...again, not the case with bella. I do agree with going to the dermatologist. Good Luck :)

  4. Mine has been falling out a ton too! At first, I was seriously concerned that I had cancer or something!!! But I think it just looks really dramatic because it's super long, and all bunched up? I don't know. I think it helps to brush it minimally - like once a day, that way less gets pulled out. Also, a diet with more protein and vitamins, washing your hair every other day or so instead of every day, and stuff like that helps it stay thick and full. OH - and braiding! Braiding actually keeps your hair from moving around, getting tangled/split ends, and it preserves the lush, shiny thickness! Sorry for the lengthy response - I just feel your pain, and these are the things I've noticed help. Hope they work for you! :)

  5. Mine also has been falling out! Hair is constantly everywhere and I empty my brush once or twice a day. I've been concerned. My mom said its because I might be eunemic or something called that. It's where your body doesn't have enough iron in it. Some symptoms are paleness, hair loss, dandruff, constantly tired. We are getting my blood checked for it soon. Hope this helps! --Brooklyn

  6. mine falls out for different reasons, going from winter to summer, like losing my winter coat lol. also stress can do it, emotional or physical. my sisters hair fall out when she gave birth to her oldest

  7. These are all great suggestions! I would follow each one religously! I think using heat on your hair does do that. Using heat causes breakage, I doubt your hair is falling all the way out from the scalp. A lot of my hair falls out every Autmn ( hey maybe that's why they call it "fall" lol). Good luck!
    I love your blog! Do you reccomend using hairspray or gel for this style???? Thx!

    1. I use pump hairspray afterward. I squirt it on and then scrunch up the hair in my hands. Thanks for the feedback.

    2. Thanks so much! That worked great for me!

  8. I don`t know how old you are, but if you are about 16 or older it just means that your body is secreting less growth hormone than it used to because you are almost fully grown. When we secrete that growth hormone while we are growing up our hair is naturally thicker and more voluminous. It just means that your hair is where its at for your age now - I don`t think its anything to worry about.