Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween to all of you

I hope you got all your little goblins decked out 
and your candy bowls stocked.
I've heard weather reports canceling some halloweens in the midwest.  If that's you, I'm so sorry.

As for us over here, my house is a disaster zone from last minute costume sewing and pumpkin carving, 
but the kids are having a ton of fun.

We got some farm fresh pumpkins and turned them 
into minions and jack o' lanterns.  
We roasted the seeds and made homemade hot fudge, with chocolate cake and ice cream.

This morning we got everyone ready for school in costume.
I started making rolls for dinner tonight with friends and I got a call from the school saying my little dementor was sick.
He's on the couch now sipping gatorade and hoping against hopes that he can still trick-or-treat.
Me too, bud.
I guess the seeds and cake were a bad combo :( 
Hope your Halloweens are great!
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  1. Such clever costumes. Why wasn't Bella the stunt double? She says its her goal in the bio.

  2. Can you post the winners of the giveaway?