Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Hairstyle: Spider Web

Time:  20 minutes
Supplies:  several small elastics, comb/brush, spiders
Difficulty:  medium

This hairstyle turned out
so fun.  
And it's not hard, yet a little time consuming.

But it's perfect for any Halloween party or 
school day leading up to the big day.
Or hair-do for those of you without costumes, but who still 
love to do something for the holiday.

I got the scorpions from the dollar store.  You could use bats or spiders or whatever you find there.

Everywhere she went, people were stopping her to look at her hair.  Give this Halloween Spider's Web a try.
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  1. What a fun creepy hairstyle. I'm doing this on my daughter. Thanks

  2. I have a question for Bella, how do you keep your hair curly all the time. Your hair has been curly, at the bottom for a long time. The curl at the bottom of your hair is so cute, I want to do that. Ali Griffin.

    1. I sometimes curl the bottom under with a 1 1/2" curling iron on the first day I wash it and it lasts until I wash it out. Look under our 'heated curls' category under 'all our hairstyles'. I use it on 'curling layers' or 'curls with a 1 1/2' curling iron'. Good luck.

  3. It is very creative haristyles. Like it.

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