Sunday, October 6, 2013

Half French Twist & Giveaway

Time:  10 minutes
Supplies:  brush/comb, hairspray, bobby pins
Difficulty:  easy

Keep Reading for details on our giveaway for this beautiful infinity hair clip.
I'm up to my elbows in frosting, but I licked my fingers clean enough to post.

In case you were curious,
I posted a picture of how cute my cookies are turning out.  And they're so buttery and yummy too.
First I plan to eat a bunch, then I plan to take some to my neighbors.
My extended family used to have a big Halloween party every year, where we'd all come in costume and eat homemade chili and hot rolls, apple cider, and glazed donuts.  We'd take a bunch of pictures and gush over all the costumes.

But I guess we got too old, because they've stopped doing it.  And I'm also too old to go trick-or-treating, and we didn't grow any pumpkins this year to carve (I know, I could buy some.  But then I can't complain properly) and I LOVE traditions.  

I hate when they get broken.  

My mom said she wasn't going to sew us new pajamas this Christmas because we didn't need them and I freaked out.  
"I don't care if we don't need them; it's tradition!"

So I'm looking for some Halloween tradition suggestions.
What do you guys do?
How does your family celebrate?
What will you dress up as?
What age do you stop dressing up?  
(Don't tell me I'm too old for dressing up too, because I also LOVE dressing up.)

To enter to win our drawing for this beautiful hair clip (or another of your choice from Lilla Rose) just leave us a comment below on how you celebrate.  And what I can set as new traditions for my Halloween celebrating.
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P.S.  We'll announce the winners just before posting our next hairstyle on Thursday.  And you should all check out Lilla Rose's website.  They have some beautiful accessories. Thank you for providing the products for our two other hair styles giveaways.


  1. every year my neighbor parks a bunch of cars in his back yard that he gets from the car dealership that he owns and his son and all of his friends sit in the back and they call it a Trunk or treat it's a really cool idea and this year for halloween me and my friends are going to be "toddlers and tiaras"were going to make tutus and draw freckles on our face have really extravagant hair and crowns and a sash were going all out! -Sailor

  2. every year we go to my grandma's to have a picture of all the cousins in their costumes. then i take my little brothers trick or treating. then we dump all our candy out on the table and trade some, if we don't like some pieces. We always try to have homemade costumes. And this year our ward is starting a new thing. A trunk or treat! ---Brooklyn Hoopes

  3. Hi ! Sorry for the inconvenience. Please can you tell me the Youtube URLs of this hairstyle, jasmine ponytail, chopstick twist hairstyle and twisted waterfall french braid. Actually Youtube's not working on my network. I shall be thankful.

    1. Just click on our youtube icon in the right column. It will take you directly to our channel and you can find all of our hairstyles there.

  4. Trunk or Treats are really fun, but my favorite tradition is ding-dong ditching. We leave treats and a picture of a cute little ghost at 3 different families' doors. on the back of the picture, write a note saying, "You've been Booed! Pass it on. Bla Bla Bla. After you leave the treats and notes, ring the doorbell and run away as fast as you can! Be careful not to get caught! it has been my favorite tradition ever since I can remember. Try it! It is so fun!

  5. We roll the BBQ out into the street and give trick or treaters hot dogs. Its a great way to visit everyone who comes by and you get a ton of people so look out. --Jenni

  6. We don't celebrate Halloween, but we have a super fun Harvest Party with a hay ride, games, and carmel apples! :)
    I LOVE the flexi clips! Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. We don't celebrate Halloween, but we have a super fun Harvest Party at our church with a hay ride, carmel apples and lots of games!
    I love the flex clips! Thanks for the chance to win.
    ~ Janel

  8. Instead of doing Halloween, we go to a big party with horse-riding and a candy hunt in a big pile of leaves. I love the hairdo with the flexi clip! ~ Adeline

    1. You are the random winner of our flexi clip giveaway. Please email us your name, address, and phone so I can pass it along to Lilla Rose. Thanks for posting a comment and reading our blog.

  9. I Love Halloween! Every Oct 1st we "Halloween" our house out. Then every other year we start a neighborhood Boo. But don't tell anyone ;). That's where you secretly leave a small treat on 2 peoples doorsteps. Then those neighbors have to leave treats on 2 other peoples doorsteps. It's fun to see how far it spreads until Halloween. Next, every Saturday before Halloween we have a pumpkin carving party. By the way, I think you are never to old to dress up. Just don't go trick-or-treating :)

  10. And the winner is....Adeline with her horse-riding and candy hunt. Please email us your name, address, and phone so I can pass it along to Lilla Rose. Thanks to everyone for posting comments and especially for reading our blog.