Sunday, September 29, 2013

Snapshot Sunday 9-29-13

Ode to fall:
I love you, but I'm sad to see the summer go.

I'll miss the tall alfalfa fields so brilliant green on every side of my house (thanks to my farming neighbors)

I hate parting with my magic petunias.  
I didn't even plant them last spring and somehow they survived the harsh winter and came back on their own. 

I'll miss this view out my bedroom window:  fresh baled hay, nicely trimmed grass, purple mountains and blue skies.

But I won't miss the yardwork.  I loved watching Bella take the weed-wacker to the yard alongside her dad pulling weeds.  Yet hopefully this was the last time we'll have to be out there weeding and mowing until next year.

 I love waking up to your crisp, cold air in the morning.  Your temperature makes me cling to my snuggly warm blanket.  And I love how you age us.  Each time you come I'm surprised to see how much my children have grown, and how they teach the younger ones what they know.

I love your brilliant colors all around, and wish you could stand up to that pesky winter and keep him away. 

And I love how you've given us more time together.  Summer's are always busy.  But fall feels like family, homemade breads and hot creamy soups, board games, and movie nights.

I love pulling out your decorations I've been accumulating over the years and smiling that I've preserved my kids' memories.  These plates were done when their hands were so small. 

 Oh, Fall.  Thank you for bringing beauty and life to our lives.
Don't leave too soon.

I recommend you guys trying these plates.  
I just bought ordinary ceramic plates for $2. 
The kids used acrylic paints and paint brushes.  
Once they dried, I sprayed them with an acrylic paint sealer 
(approx $7 from the craft store -- it lasts much longer than spraying a few plates).  
They're only for decoration. You can't eat on them.  
But when you pull them out five, ten, or even thirty years later, they're better than a fine china.
Happy Fall
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  1. Such pretty fall scenery!

  2. What a fun family :) I still have my childrens hand prints in plaster from when they were two. I LOVE THEM!!