Sunday, September 15, 2013

Snapshot Sunday 9-15-13

We've been having quit a bit of excitement around here, 
and a lot of it has been focused on Lanie.
She just had a birthday and celebrated by getting her ears pierced.  It was a great day, and she was super brave.  She tried so hard not to even flinch when the piercing gun clamped shut.  And she's been loving her ears.  
But then:

Bye, bye, Happy Birthday Girl.
Not long after that, she told me her tooth hurt.  I checked it, and it looked fine.  By the next morning, her jaw looked like it could've been broken.  
She wasn't fevered, so I sent her to school and looked for a dentist.  But we moved last winter, and I hadn't yet found a dentist.  By some miracle, I found one who was accepting new patients and would see her that day.

Like a good mom should, I took their only appointment and hurried to the school to check her out.  But I hurried too much, because a cop pulled me over for going 39 MPH on a 30 MPH road.  I was so mad.  I knew it was my fault, but I was going to be late to the dentist, and probably get bumped.  And look at the picture; her jaw was ridiculous.  It couldn't wait!

The cop pulled me over next to the school playground, and as luck would have it, my son was out for recess playing soccer.  He kept walking closer to the fence to see if it was really his mom with the police.  He'd wave and I've wave back.  He'd come closer and wave, and I'd wave back.  But I wasn't sure he knew it was really me.  (He did.  After school: "Hey, Mom.  What was that Policeman doing to you today; are you in trouble?").

And, I think the cop thought my waves were flirting, because he kept coming back to check on me.  (No wonder he skipped the warning and went right to the ticket; he probably thought I was crazy.)  Twenty irritating minutes later, I finally checked Lanie out and headed for the dentist (careful to mind all traffic laws).  

Turns out there's a major infection in her jaw.  It started under a leaky filling and now it's caused the surrounding teeth to get loose because of the swelling.  

As soon as the infection goes down, she's getting it pulled.  But she's not worried, only excited to get a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Bright Spot:
She chose well on her Birthday cake this year.  It's a frozen Lemon Ice Cream Pie.  I thought you might want to try it, so I posted the recipe below.  Please eat as much as you want.  And I won't stop or ticket you for doing it too fast.  But the cavities you might get while eating this incredible delicious dessert are on you.  

Lemonade Ice Cream Pie

**Mix together in food processor or blender until combined:
1 large can Lemonade concentrate (softened)
2 - 1.5 quart containers Vanilla Ice cream (softened)
Red Food Coloring to desired shade

**Combine together:
3 3/4 C or 3 packages of Graham Crackers (crushed)
3/4 C sugar
3/4 C melted Butter

**Smash half the crust mix into the bottom of a 9 x 13" pan
**Layer half the ice cream filling mix over crust in pan
**Layer the remaining crust mix over the ice cream filling (don't over smash)
**Layer the remaining ice cream filling over the top
**Freeze until set like hard ice cream

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  1. Lanie I'm so sorry. That looks ouchy! Maybe you can eat more of that pie to make your mouth feel better. I know I will be eating it.

  2. Oh my goodness! Her jaw almost looks fake! I hope you feel better soon!

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