Sunday, September 1, 2013

Snapshot Sunday 9-1-13

We get two questions all the time:
1.  Where do you
get your ideas?
2.  What do you do when you're not styling hair?

You want the Answers?
1.  Ideas are everywhere:  at school, the grocery store, the mall, the park, magazines, online.  Anytime I see a cool style, I file it away in my brain for later.  I usually don't do the exact thing they did, but it gets my mind going on how I could tweak the style and make it even better.  If you ever have suggestions on styles, please email us. 
We'd love to try them for you.

2.  You might find us rather ordinary once you find out how we spend our days.  I'm a busy mom of four, an aspiring novelist (when they're at school), and blogger by night (and I mean dark of night when the kids are in bed).  Except for the filming.  We have to do that in the daylight for the girls, and we film most of our styles on Saturdays and Sundays.  It's those dark hours when I'm editing videos and blogging.  Bella's better about getting her posts done early, but she's not the glamorous full-time housekeeper, errand runner, accountant, homework specialist, piano teacher, etc. that I am. 

Are we exciting, or what?

If we are as cool as you hoped, you'll be glad to get to know us better on our Snapshot Sundays.
We may do it every week; we may do it once a month.  But I'll post pictures about our fast-paced, exciting lives (I're on pins and needles) so you can see how we spend our time.

The collage above recaps our summer fun.  
Cheer Stunts
My awesome cousin's fire dance
Roasting s'mores
Motorcycle riding
Hanging out

My grandparents left the family some lake property where we escape to as often as possible.   We mostly hang out and veg.  Vegging is something I NEVER do at home, so up there it feels great!  We play a lot of volleyball, go swimming, have fun with my sister's jetskiis, go fishing, play cards, play boardgames, eat pastries and forget that a busy life is just around the end of the weekend.

I did post a video for you this week.  Youtube has been asking for our channel's movie trailer.  So here it is.  If you haven't subscribed to our YouTube channel, we'd love it if you did.  You can click on the Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and RSS feed icons in the right column too and we'd be pleased as punch.
Have a great Sunday.
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  1. That looks like a lot of fun. Wish I were there too.

  2. Snapshot Sunday...what a great idea! Can't wait to take a peek into your lives.