Thursday, September 12, 2013

High Bun with a Braided Ring

Time:  7 minutes
Supplies:  brush/comb, 2 elastics, bobby pins, hair texturizing wax or hairspray (optional)
Difficulty:  easy

My mom has a term for rainy days that she's used 
as long as I've known her:  "Worm Day!"

When she was in elementary school, there was an older kid in the neighborhood who would chase the girls with earthworms every time it rained, and throw them in their hair.  One time a worm actually stuck in her hair.  As she was running and screaming, it whipped into her mouth.  To this day, she HATES worm day!

I thought she was so ridiculous.  It's only a worm.
But last night, I got a taste of it myself.

I went canoeing with some friends in my neighborhood and a few of the guys thought it would be funny to put a crawdad in my hair.  (Those of you who aren't hicks might call them crayfish.)  It's like a fresh-water lobster.  

I could feel something hanging from my ponytail, so I turned to look at them.  The guys were both smiling and I knew what they'd done.
I started swinging and flipping my hair all around, but that stupid crawdad had too strong of pinchers to fall out.  It was flopping against my neck and I was hollering.  My girlfriend was screaming.  My friend was slapping it with the cast on his arm.

The guys who did it laughed until they finally took pity on me and unhooked it from my hair.  

Now I get what my mom was saying.  If you want a great hairstyle (and want to avoid getting the willies) keep bugs and crustaceans out of your hair.
Just a tip.
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  1. I love it. I'm doing this on my daughter tomorrow :)

  2. wow that's sooo pretty!!

  3. Instead of the regular braid I did the rope braid......Looks amazing