Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fohawk Hairstyle

Time:  5 minutes
Supplies:  brush/comb, gel/texturizing wax, blow dryer (optional)
Difficulty:  easy

I took the fam to the library tonight because I'm all out of good reads and so were the kids.  And who knew
(well probably everyone in town except me) there was a parade heading right down the street in front.  
(Well, Bella knew.  She'd already left for the parade with friends, but I didn't know the route, or that it was such a big deal.  I thought it was like a pep-rally.)
 We didn't even have to try to get good seats.  We walked out of the library and there was a perfect shaded and grassy park-strip right there available.

It was the high school homecoming parade.  
Have I told you that I always cry at town parades?  
I just can't help myself.  
They're so cute.  
I cheered for the kids I knew on different floats.  I cheered for the sad floats nobody was cheering for.  
I watched streets of proud people standing with hands on hearts for the American flag being carried in the lead on horseback.  
I was even verklempt over the enormous marching band and how enthusiastically they were playing and counting the beat.  
Even the truck carrying the High School Debate team moistened my eye.

The kids came home with pockets of candy and a lot of pride for their future school.  Which is good, because after moving, none of them wanted to cheer for the new school.  Until now.
Candy (and a great hairstyle) makes everyone's outlook brighter.
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  1. He is ADORABLE! Thanks for the hairstyle.