Friday, July 12, 2013

Neck Bow with twisted bump

Time:  15 minutes
Supplies:  brush/comb, hairspray, bobby pins, elastic, embellishments (optional)
Difficulty:  Medium+

I hope you're enjoying summer as much
as we are.

It's wonderful to be out of school, no homework, no busy schedules, water activities, endless playtime (or so the kids think).
But it's also HOT!
Too hot!

So here's not only a beautiful and cool hairstyle.  But a cool hairstyle, because it keeps your hair up off your neck.  

And it's fancy enough for formal occasions as well:  a summer wedding, a night out with that special someone, or even a day at the park.
If you like the white embellishments, here's the 
video link on how we made them.
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