Monday, July 29, 2013

How to: CURL Layered hair

Time:  12 minutes
Supplies:  brush/comb, curling iron (I used 1 1/2".  You can use what you have.), hairspray, root elevator spray (optional)
Difficulty:  medium

I'll tell you what...
Curling layered hair--if you're a beginner--can be a nightmare.
But it's a cinch if you know the secret trick.

(Here's another secret trick:  I also curl my hair like this when I have it blunt-cut as well.  It gives it a thick layered look.  So even if you have blunt hair, don't count this way of curling out.)

The secret is easy to follow in the video tutorial, and in slow motion, so you can see how I roll it.  

You just have to keep moving, or keep the curling iron turning.  You can fit a lot of your hair in the iron at the same time, no matter the varying lengths.  So it's quick and looks thick and luscious.
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  1. Thanks for posting this. I can never get my layers to stay in the curling iron and it takes forever to get my hair curled in small sections. This looks perfect.

  2. Very cute, quick, and easy. Thanks!

  3. How does Bella like her layers?

  4. I do. Whenever I wear it down or part up, I love how full it looks. And they're long enough that I can still pull it up. Thanks for asking.

  5. I think this is really cool... And hey, not to state the obvious! <3 lol

  6. Omigosh!.... This blog is ingenious! Keep up the great work!