Thursday, June 13, 2013

Puffed Diagonal Dutch Braid

Time:  7 minutes
Supplies:  brush/comb, elastic
Difficulty:  Medium

We took a trip to a nearby lake last weekend.
My son and his cousin started out early
in the morning 
doing a little target shooting with a BB gun.  

A moose came splashing through the water, drinking, about 
100 feet away from them.
My nephew got a ridiculous idea to take a shot at it.

He's only ten.  But unbelievably, 
he hit the moose on the face.
Just like a person, moose don't like getting hit in the face 
(even if it was a small BB).  The moose turned to look, 
and then started toward them. 

My son said they tried to act mellow, but the moose was 
definitely angry and heading quickly for them.
Mellow went out the window, and the boys took off running as fast as they could from the beach.

They were in double dutch once they told us what had happened.  
But when I went to investigate, I'm not so sure they 
hit the moose at all.  There were no tracks, no sign of it anywhere.  And there's really nowhere for an animal that size to hide.  
But the boys swear it's a true story.  

Should I have saved my double dutch for this hairstyle?
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  1. Too funny. Sounds like something my son would try. Love the braid.

  2. I love that braid. I'm doing it right now.