Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Multi - Ribbon Hair Bows

Time: 12 minutes/Bow
Supplies:  assorted ribbons, scissors, hot glue, alligator clip or barrette, ruler, lighter/matches or fray-check
Difficulty:  medium+

I love hair bows!
Any regular hairstyle becomes 
a darling hairstyle with a simple bow or two.

But it can get spendy getting them in several colors for each matching outfit. 
(I know, I have two girls, and an obsession for cute hair.)
So why not teach you my secret?  
Then we can all style cute hair for pennies. 

These bows may look complex, but the video breaks it down to easy.  The supplies cost me $1.78 for the pair, and I enjoyed an afternoon watching my favorite movie (The Princess Bride) and when it was over, I had a table full of darling hair bows.

If you don't want them patriotic, no problem.  You can buy any color of ribbon you want.  
These bows are 4  3/4" wide and it took approximately:
Blue:  30"
Thin Red:  30"
Thick Red:  40"
White:  60"
If you like them patriotic, hurry and make yourself a pair.  
Because we have a fun patriotic hairstyle coming up, and these will look perfect with it.
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  1. Those are SO cute! What kind of ribbon did you use and how thick is it?

  2. It looks like grosgrain ribbon.

  3. It is grosgrain ribbon. And it's 7/8" on the thicker ribbons and 3/8" on the thinner. Good luck.

  4. Could you do some simple things to add to an ordinary ponytail and some different styles that are good for sports practices? It would be grwat if you can, but obviously it is a little bit harder than thought to come up with or find hairstyles. If you cant, no big deal, but if u can thatd be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  5. This tutorial was great! I love seeing simple ribbon turn into something so functional. I think I will have to make a few for my girls to wear on the Fourth of July, they will love them!

  6. Thanks, Margo. I hope they turn out darling. And we will post more ideas for simple things to add to an ordinary ponytail and sports hair-do's. Thanks for the feedback.

  7. I certainly appreciate your stuff provided in the blogs. 26 inch clip in extensions

  8. Just found you a year after your posting through Pinterest! Love it! Thank you for the tutorial.. it was easy to follow and my Little has her first Mommy-Made hair bow to wear to daycare tomorrow! (First of many bows to be sure, thanks to you! =)

    Happy Fourth to you and to yours!