Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Side Swept Pin Curls

This look is so versatile.
You can wear it casual with jeans, or
dressy for a night out.

I love it because it's a wonderful second-day hairstyle.

It works best with some left over curl in your hair. 
You can try it on straight hair, but it's harder to hide your ends. 
Or you can do it with wet hair. (Wet ends hide much better.) 
Curly ends are the best, though. That way, 
if they show, they just blend in with the circular shape.

It's fairly easy. All you need is a brush and a handful of bobby pins. Get brave and try a flirty new look.


  1. Could you just get the ends Of the hair wet if it were strait? Thanks for doing this blog it soooo awesome.

  2. I think that's a great idea. You just don't want your ends poking out. If you can slick them with water, great!

  3. Hi! I just wanted to say i looooove your blog! All your styles are simple and pretty. Recently, I've been trying to get bigger, more wavy curls for Prom, but I can't find any that work. My hair is long and wavy, and holds curls really well. Do you have any tutorials that would work? Thanks!

  4. I would try barrel curling it with a thick curling iron or wand and then shaking it lose up-side down. We have a video for barrel curls under the 'heated curls' tab. It's tighter curls, though. We'll do a thicker-curled, lose one soon. Thanks for the feedback.