Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cutting Side-Swept Bangs or Fringe

So I've decided to get better at playing the piano.

I've taken lessons on and off since 1st grade, 
but it was never steady.

Now I've hit it hard again. And when practicing gets old, 
I get inspired by the Piano Guys.

If you haven't checked them out on YouTube, you're missing out.
Here's a link to their version of  What Makes you Beautiful  and one to another of my favorites  Coldplay's Paradise 
I promise you'll love them. 

So check out our videos and get your hair looking really pretty. Then enjoy these songs. They're incredible!


  1. Thanks. I tried cutting mine like this and it turned out GREAT! I even thought I got to high with some of my up and down cutting but they look really pretty. Thankyou!

  2. I like these. I'm gonna try it.

  3. I LOVE those piano guys. I've been watching all their stuff. Thanks for the tip. Keep up the piano practicing.

  4. I don't understand how you're cutting it in a 'U' shape. It looks more straight across!! Thanks

  5. Watch the video again and notice when I pull the bangs forward I arc it in the center. She has a bit of a cowlick from the way her hair was drying, so it doesn't look as arced when I let go. But you can see the curve when it's between my fingers. Good Luck. I hope that helps.