Sunday, April 21, 2013

Looped Ponytail

So what to do on an ordinary Saturday night? My friend has a few costumes, so to spice things up,
we pulled out two in particular:

A gorilla, and a

I was the gorilla. 
My friend lives near the highway (but I live in the country so there's not too much traffic. Which is lucky, because it was hard to see very well out of the mask), so we took a little walk up to the highway and played chase. 
She ran down the street as a scared banana and I chased after her like a mangy gorilla. I caught up to her and pushed her down (all staged of course). And then I carried her home, like I'd killed her.
We got so many stares, crazy looks, but mostly laughs. 

It was a great way to spruce up an ordinary Saturday night. Here's a great way to spruce up your ordinary ponytail.


  1. What an imagination! LOL. I like the hairdo

  2. This sorry reminds me of some of the crazy silly things that my best friend and i use to do in college on a boring weekend. Great sorry and a lovely hairstyle.

  3. Funny, Bella. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. thanks for doing it.