Friday, April 5, 2013

Ladder Braided Ponytail

I love projects. And I've been doing a little
re-decorating on my house. I had hung a bunch of molding and needed some paint.

I took a fabric swatch of a subtle, creamy-yellow that I liked with me to the Home Depot and picked out my color of paint. When I asked them to make it, they said it would be too dark and I wouldn't like it. They encouraged me to get two shades lighter.
I did. 
On my wall, it almost looked white. I went back and asked them to put more pigment in the paint. They said, "The bucket is too full and I'll have to pour out some paint to fit the added pigment."
They told me they could only do it if I bought a container to put the excess paint in and a spout to pour it out through. I was pretty annoyed at this point, because they're the ones who'd told me not to buy the color I originally wanted. 
I bought the container and spout anyway. But the spout gave way and the bucket of paint spilled all over their counter, their floor, and my favorite green shirt. What a nightmare! 

The color they made looked like a greenish-dijon mustard. Yikes! I ended up having to buy the original color I wanted in the first place. 
Now I have a ton of puke-colored yellow paint and no use for it. My kids suggested building a chicken coop and getting chicks. 
I could paint fifty chicken coops with the amount 
of paint I have. Ughh.


  1. That looks sooooo cool.

  2. cute hairstyle! you should totally get chickens! they are super easy to take care of, and you only need a couple. the fresh eggs are really worth it! but don't get too many, because my friend's family got around 30 a few years ago. imagine getting around 25 eggs a day! we only have 4 chickens, and that's enough eggs for us, they pile up really quickly...

  3. 30 chickens? I don't even know what we'd do! But 4 sounds fun and I'd have happy children...until they had to clean the coop.

    1. We have 10 chickens, and we love them. You really don't have to clean the coop that often. Ours only go inside to lay eggs, and roost at night. Otherwise they hang out in their fenced in area outside. In the long daylight hours we get about 8 eggs, and in the winter we were down to 3 or 4 eggs a day, but we put a light inside the coop, and their production went back up to 8 a day.

  4. Thanks. We'll probably get some next spring. We need some time to work on a coop.