Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Wax your Eyebrows

Stop plucking your eyebrows...

Here are the tips and tricks to manicuring
and waxing your own.

You just need some scissors, a comb, a few strips of old 
cotton fabric, and some warming wax.

I bought the sensitive-skin tin tub of wax (approx $16 for the tub -- see last paragraph for how long it lasts) and the warmer (approx $25) from Sally's Beauty (or any beauty supply store), but you can also buy hard wax (approx $5-$16 depending on ounces) that doesn't need fabric strips and can be microwaved. 

I've tried both, and I think the hard wax hurts a lot more. Which is fine for a small area like your brows or your upper lip. But I also like to wax my legs, and I much prefer the sensitive skin wax and the fabric strips. 

If I buy one tub of wax and only use it for my face, it would last me my whole life. If I use it on my legs, I can wax both legs about five times per tub, including as much as I want on my face. And it's wonderful, because my legs don't grow hair again for about three weeks after. So it's worth the pain. The first time is the worst. After that, you have less hair and it hurts a lot less.

Let's all try going hairless...or at least save money on having your eyebrows professionally done. Or the pain of plucking each hair one by one with tweezers. Yikes!


  1. I'd never thought of doing my own. The lady who does mine charges $15. I'm so doing this. :-)

  2. I used the hard wax once on my lip. It hurt really bad. Just get the mint tea stuff from Sallys.

  3. I use hard wax on my eyebrows and it works perfectly! Just be careful to use an applicator that you can handle easily, like the plastic knife or I use garden markers, which look just like tongue depressors that Docs use to look down your throat. Mine aren't sterile like those, tho, I just found them at Walmart in Crafts. A huge package for just pennies! Also, make sure you pull off the wax against the direction of hair growth. You can also use popsicle sticks!

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