Sunday, April 28, 2013

How To: Round Brush your Bangs

These bangs literally take one minute.
And you
can't mess them up!

This is my only way to get nice volume, but low-curl bangs.
I love how they hang. They sweep nicely to the side, but they're not stuck to your forehead and they don't look like a curling iron did them.

I used my blow dryer and a cheap round brush from 
Walmart and voile. They're perfect every time.

And the best part is: the curl lasts for days until I wash it again. I just bobby pin them back to wash my face and they're ready for another day. 
If you're still turning your bangs under with a fat curling iron, please try these. You won't go back.


  1. So awessome. Thanks

  2. I've always tried to curl mine to the side. i like how you rolled them straight down. they look pretty.