Monday, April 1, 2013

Beautiful Up-Do Perfect for Short & Thin Hair

Maybe it's because I grew up when tube socks were all the rage
(you remember the ones -- bright colors, with
 white stripes along the top).
But I LOVE using socks for my hairstyles.

It's such an easy way to make it look like you have tons of thick hair, even if you don't. Or tame thick hair when you want it in a certain shape.'s free! Everyone has a sock.

Except for me...

The other day, I was running late to a recital for one of my former voice students. I was wearing a black skirt and blouse and grabbed, what I thought were, a matching pair of black knee-high panty hose. I pulled my black pumps from my shelf and jumped in the car. 

It wasn't until I had already left the house (and had no time to turn around and go back) that I discovered one of my kids had rolled together one of my nylons with one of my husband's (dark black and textured) dress socks. Why didn't I go bare-legged? Because I had a week-and-a-half of stubble. 
Luckily my skirt was longer, and the recital hall was dim, but I felt like a fool. I suppose I should spend more time sorting socks, than cutting them up and using them for hairstyles.


  1. My hair is really thick so I did this without the sock. It worked great.

  2. That story is really funny! I have one sort of like it; but I was only 8 or 9 when it happened. We were running late for church, so I grabbed a pair of my soccer socks. I threw them on, and paired them with some black flats. Snazzy look, huh? And I went to church for three hours wearing them. During the first meeting, my mom got a kick out of it and was trying not to laugh during the speakers' talks. It was pretty funny! :)