Thursday, March 7, 2013

Braided Hair Flowers

I'm quite certain the groundhog saw his shadow.
But again
I woke up to a fresh layer of snow. 
I can't see spring creeping in any time soon.

I guess that's alright. More sledding time. But I have to get creative with my hair. I never want to go to the effort of curls on a wet day.

So here's a quick and fancy hairstyle that doesn't matter if it gets wet. Give it a try.


  1. Awesome. Thanks Bella

  2. I had a hard time keeping my braids in without elastics so I put a spot of pomeade on my fingers and it worked great. Thanks

  3. They are just really thin braids that are rolled into a circle. We didn't use elastics on the bottom, but if it makes it easier you can. Just try to hide the elastic center by sending it under the braid as you curl it up.

  4. Hey thanks!! you are clearly awesome!! :)