Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pin Curls & Ringlets

I love this vintage hairstyle.

This is my friend, Rachel.
She asked me to style her hair for the formal Valentine's dance and I was so nervous.  Not because I hadn't done hair a ton, but because this was the first hairstyle for a dance in my new town.  It was the real moment of truth, to prove if I've really got what I claim to know on this blog.
It felt like the ninth inning, full count, bases loaded and I'm up to bat.

Luckily, I think it turned out alright. 
This vintage do is a home run.


  1. Super cute. I love your blog.

  2. What a fun vintage photo. I wish Bella lived at my house.

  3. Lovely! I love classic hairstyles like this one!

  4. I love this hair-do, but I don't have a 'wand' curling iron. Will I still get the same look?

  5. You don't have to have a wand, or even curls. But curls to start with make the pin curls easier and prettier. You can have any type of curls in your hair for this do, but if you want to start with barrel curls, just watch our video on barrel curling (under heated curls) and use your regular curling iron for a wand. You just wrap your hair around the curling iron instead of pinching your hair in the clamp. Best of luck.

  6. I just did what you suggested, and I loved it! (Just a little more time consuming :) Thanks so much!

  7. I like it.