Thursday, January 31, 2013

Waterfalled French Braid with Beachy Waves

If you don't have a crimper/waver, you should reconsider.

I absolutely LOVE this beachy-wave look.
Every time Bella goes out with these waves, 
without fail...someone tells her she looks like Rapunzel.

And if you have naturally textured hair like I do (I call it textured because it's not really curly, but not straight either), a crimper is fabulous because you can quickly crimp a few spots to accentuate your natural wave and you're done. 

The waterfalled braid just sets off the waves and looks great. 
Give it a try.


  1. That looks so pretty. What kind of crimper did you use?

  2. Mine is a "Pro Beauty Tools". It was around $17. I think I got it at Walmart or someplace like that. Good Luck.

  3. since I don't use any heat at all on my hair I just put my hair in two French braids for beautiful waves! And for me it's a lot faster than using a crimper, you just have to do it ahead of time! Great style though!!!!
    thanks for posting!!