Sunday, January 13, 2013

Laced Snaked Fish Tail Braid

I'll admit it...I'm a hair gawker.
I try to be discreet, catch a
quick glimpse and then pretend I'm just looking past them at the interesting poster on the wall or what's just beyond them on the grocery shelf.  But then I'll steal another look at their hair.  

I just can't help it.  It's that AWE factor.

I know staring isn't polite, but if someone has their hair in some cool, beautiful, or intricate design...I can't help but gawk.

 I saw a woman today with the neatest hairstyle.  I didn't know her and she was far enough away that it would have been awkward to track her down and ask her, but I wanted to know how she had done it.  So without calling attention to myself, I just kept glancing her way until I figured it out.  (I'll post that one sometime).

This Snaked Fish Tail has that AWE factor.
Anytime you wear it out, you'll have hair gawkers stealing a glance, and many brave gawkers asking you how to do it.
That's a guarantee.

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