Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to Flat Iron your Hair

A friend of mine (who's quite a bit older) told me that when she was a teenager,
if they wanted their hair straightened, 
they used to lay their head on an ironing board and have someone iron their hair for them. 

She said it it worked. But it took forever, and left you with a bad kink in your neck.

Lucky for us, they've since invented the straightener.  It's easy to use and works great. 

If your partial to a regular iron, you can still go that route and get the same results.


  1. Do you use any special product to grow your hair long? Or do you just have really fast growing hair? ;)


  2. Thanks so much! (:

  3. I wish I had a magic pill for growing long hair, but I don't use anything special.
    But I DO baby my hair like crazy. I try not to blow dry it, I use heat protectant spray if I'm going to curl it, I wash it every third day instead of every other.
    It just grows the speed of everyone else's, but if I baby breaks a lot less. Good luck!

  4. your hair is gorgeous!! (:

  5. Do you have to straighten it in sections?

  6. That works the best, otherwise the flat iron can't smooth the hair as well. Sometimes I cheat when I'm in a hurry and only iron the top layer in small sections and larger chunks underneath. Best of luck.