Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Hairstyle: Side Swept Up-Do

Growing up, we hoped every Christmas would be a "white" one.  It  was beautiful and holiday-ish, 
but mostly we wanted to go sledding.  
Our street was on a small hill,
but you always had to move for cars coming up the road.  And our school playground had a very steep hill, but it was always crowded with other kids.
So my dad would take us and a bunch of friends on a drive to a snowy country lane.  He'd tie a rope to the back of the truck.  We'd all pile on our sleds in a long line, grab the rope, and hold on for dear life.  He'd take the corners fast, and we'd fly all over the place.  
It was one word:  death-defying-fun!  
One year he bought a large sheet of plastic from the hardware store, so we could all be on the "same sled".  He even overlaid it with used carpet, so the bumps didn't hurt when you hit them.  
He pulled us for hours.
I're thinking -- "red necks".  And maybe we were, but nothing beats a white Christmas, a rope, some sleds, and great friends.
Merry Christmas

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  1. Love it! Love the hair and love the stories!