Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Candy Cane

Who can resist a candy cane?
I don't even
like candy (unless it has chocolate), 
but I LOVE candy canes.

So does Lanie.

We took the kids Christmas shopping last night to choose presents for their siblings.  Each of them had a couple dollars they had earned and saved from their cookie and lemonade stand in the fall and were eager to get gifts.  I was helping Lanie.  (I can't say what she chose for Bella, since Bella will surely see it).  But for each of her brothers she chose a box of candy canes.  She assured me they would love them.  Then she told me that with her left over dollar, she just couldn't resist getting a box for herself.

I went to check on her in bed later that night after she'd been reading.  She was supposed to be storing her presents in her closet until Christmas, but she had stared at them until she couldn't wait.
She had already opened the package and was working on her second one.

I tell you...candy canes are irresistible. 

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