Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Looped Rope Twists

So my mom has this problem with speaking clearly, or even in English, when she's in a hurry.
When she needs us to quickly do something,
the kitchen becomes either the living kitchen or the kiving kiv. A plate can be a ping-pang, the couch -- fif nac, and my name becomes Darrin. Don't ask me why. Bella doesn't rhyme with Darrin, I don't even know any Darrins. But that's the first name she goes to if she's in a hurry. 

If we hear her English slipping, we have to look and see what, or who she's pointing at. Otherwise we might bring her a sock when she wanted a fly swatter. So it shouldn't surprise you that our personal name for this hairstyle is The Butter Dog
Because she was asking us to help her find these little birdie clips, but all she could come up with was, "help me find the butter dogs".

(In her defense, she says that she used to be much smarter, but my siblings and I are sucking her intelligence away.)


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  1. You are so funny Bella. I love the post and the hair.