Sunday, November 25, 2012

Knotted Headband

When I was in first grade, I remember watching the Miss Universe pageant with my grandma. 

I was enthralled: ball gowns, beautiful contestants, an amazing talent portion. 
For a few months after I was on a real kick about being in a pageant myself when I got older (this was well before Toddlers in Tiaras.) 
Probably in an effort to get me to drop the idea, my mom asked me what my talent would be. After thinking about what limited skills I had, I suggested coloring. 
My pageant idea ended right there.
So my third-grader's school had a talent show the other day that was either impromptu, or we hadn't known about it. One girl had baked cookies and brought them to share, another boy made funny noises and turned his face red, so Lanie played the only thing she knew off the top of her head -- a one-finger piano song she'd taught herself. 
We've got to step up the talents around here. Maybe this hair-do can count as one of mine.   


  1. your talent is hairstyling! you are so awesome at it, and all of your hairstyles are so pretty!

  2. You are awesome at hairstyling. Lots of your styles are SUPER cute. My aunt and I did this hairstyle for my school picture day. Thank you!!!!!!!:)

  3. I must say, you have got talent. Absolutely stunning styles. I’ll be doing this for my daughter, she is gonna love them. Thanks