Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Double Bohemian Twist

My family has been babysitting my 10 month old cousin this week.  He's the cutest little
thing with his big smile and tiny dimples.  But he's got a thing for hair.

I know, because he keeps pulling mine whenever I'm not paying attention.

I had styled this double bohemian twist in my hair today and was lying on the floor innocently reading, when he crawled up behind me, grabbed onto my hair with both fists, and yanked.  Not only did it hurt!  But I can't keep a hair-do around this guy.

Tip of the day:  keep your fancy do's away from those who can't resist running their hands through it.

Here's a quick tutorial on a waterfall bohemian twist if you need a review.


  1. I had such a great time with you doing my hair! I didn't really know what it looked like until now. It looks fantastic! You did a great job! Love you Belle!

  2. that looks super cool