Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jack O' Lantern Bun

This is our last Halloween hairstyle for the year....and it's a nostalgic one for me.

Because the first Halloween
costume I really remember from my childhood was in Kindergarten, when I dressed as a Jack O' Lantern.  
My dad had sewn me a giant pumpkin suit that went from my neck to my thighs.  It had a big Jack O' Lantern face on the front, and my mom had painted a matching one on my face with eyeliner.  I remember pulling the costume over my head and then my dad stuffing me with newspaper until I was nice and round.  Then he topped off the outfit with a matching orange hat, sprouting a green stem that poked straight up.  

If that's daunting; here's a much simpler, miniature version for your hair.

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