Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Braided Headband with Celebrity Ponytail

Have you seen the old Superman movies with Christopher Reeve?
They're classics.

I loved how he appeared so nerdy as Clark Kent, and then in seconds, he'd come bursting out of a phone booth as a super babe.

That's like this hair-do.  You can go from no style, to glamorous in minutes.  

"Look!  It's a bird...it's a plane...  No!  It's a SUPER HAIR-DO!"
Click here if you need a refresher course on the Celebrity Ponytail


  1. This is a super do and can't wait to try it it looks fun and I can not wait to do this super hairstyle.

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  3. This is an awesome do! It works wonderful with my hair and it doesn't take very long!

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  5. Thanks for this hairstyle! I'm going to try it soon! Looks very beautiful on you!