Monday, September 10, 2012

Wet to Set -- The Sock Bun

If you've seen a few of our videos, you may have noticed that I have an obsession with
hiding bobby pins. And as strong as that tendency is, 
I think Bella's obsession with symmetry is even stronger.

She's constantly pinning and re-pinning strands until she achieves perfect symmetry

So when we discovered using an ordinary tube sock can make a perfectly symmetrical bun...every time! We were in heaven. (Well, I was in heaven.
She was the new poster child for Symmetry Town).

We love sock buns. They take two seconds, work great on wet hair,
and turn out cute 100% of the time. 
Just like a cute little donut. And who can resist a donut?


  1. I absolutely LOVE this! Thanks for posting.

  2. My daughter has TONS of hair and super thick. Will this work for her?

    Thank you!


  3. Of course. And it will be stunning with thick hair. Best of luck. Let us know how it turned out.

  4. When I do this with my daughers thick hair, the bun sags a little bit (it isn't firm to her head)???

  5. I would try to roll it even another 1/2 turn to get it closer and then just fasten it to her head with a couple bobby pins. That should do the trick.

  6. I have really thick and hard to work with hair, will a sock it work with my hair?

  7. Yep. It works on everyone. I find it a little easier to do on wet hair.

    1. Okay thanks, Ill try wetting my hair

  8. Great post! I think your totally right about the brush out. I can't count the times where i have taken the time to set my hair and started to brush out, it's frizzed and i have given up with it haha. But there's nothing like pin curls for that authentic look ,,, hair salon prices

  9. Works great on my super thick hair. I did find it easier when wet. Thanks so much for posting!!! :)


  10. I love this as well as the rest of your blog

  11. This blog is seriously my new addiction!! I want to perfect everyone of these and the sock bun is the one i love the most in terms of simplicity and time's sake! You guys are absolutely incredible!!

  12. Just a quick question. My hair frizzes real bad when it's drying, especially on top. Any ideas to fix this? If you're not sure, no biggie, i'll live, but you guys are seriously the superheroes of hairstyles! :) Thank YOU!!

  13. So does mine, but I don't like to blow dry it too often. I usually let mine air dry until it's just slightly damp and then use a round brush or regular brush and keep brushing through it while blow drying for a few minutes. That works wonders. A curling iron will also help. You can also try some heat protectant spray and/or shine spray and both of them will tame the frizz somewhat, in addition to blow drying. I don't know of a way to stop the frizz if hair just air dries except to try a reverse-perm where you have it straightened instead of curled. Good luck.

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