Friday, August 24, 2012

No-Heat Curls -- Sponge Rollers

Coming from 5 sisters, I wore sponge rollers all the time when my mom
had to get us all looking nice and in a hurry. But I remember ours turning out much more frizzy than these curls. And that's because my mom, or my grandma (who used to sponge roller my hair every time I slept over) would both do the same thing: 
they'd take out the rollers and run a comb through the curls.


That will turn them fuzzy and frizzy every time!
If you want the no-heat curls to look like heated curls (those made with a curling iron) then watch this video. It's simiple. And won't damage your hair.


  1. These are perfect for Sunday mornings when there's no time to get ready for church. Now I just pop them in all my daughters hair Saturday night and problem solved. They had some rollers at Sally's, but I just got mine at Walmart for like $4 or $5.

  2. I hated getting these in as a kid because I looked like a chia pet in the morning. I'm gonna have to try it your way and avoid the frizz.

  3. LOVE THE BLOG!!! Layla and I have been watching ALL of the videos while we put sponge rollers in her hair!!! She's going to be a beauty tomorrow thanks to your AWESOME blog!

  4. Well blog here. I watched total video and enjoyed very much. I like this process of rolling.

  5. I LOVE this hairstyle. I can't wait to try it on my little girl.

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  7. So, was the hair on a tiny bit damp when you put the curlers in? I want to try this with my hair, but it is very long and thick and takes FOREVER to dry. Will this work with my hair or just stick to heat curls?

  8. Yep. Bella does it on her long hair and it's beautiful. Just don't get it over wet or it won't dry by morning with long hair. Try it with damp hair. If it's too dry it might not look as sleek. If you're worried, you could also blow dry it for a minute before you take out the rollers.


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