Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Ultimate Work-Out Braid

This hairstyle was invented at 7:23 am.

My dance company was to perform at 7:30 in front of the whole school.

My teacher's hairstyle criteria was, "completely out of our faces." If any of it fell out,
she would dock us 15 points.

I showed up with this upside down french braid with a volcano bunAnd it's been a hit for all of us.


  1. This looks way fun, Bella. i'm gonna do it tomorrow.

  2. My hair is just a little to short to do the bun AND the braid. Do you know what I could substitute it with?

  3. You can still do the upside down braid, just loop your hair in the elastic at the end and bobby pin into a small messy bun. Good Luck.

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